On to other news My good friend Aleena is single. No more waiting for guys. Heres her pics:

there is more to come if I think she'll like you
She's smart, sexy, and you can see shes hot.

♥Aleena♥'s Details
Status: Single

Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Lincoln Park (she drives)
Body Type: 5' 9" toned.
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Sign: Cancer
Smoke / Drink: No / Yes

Mess with her an I'll kick your ass. Want more info Contact me.

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New journal. Not sure If I'll keep this one. Leave me a comment or get ahold of me if you want the new journal and or be added on the friends list.


yaketsuki yaketsuki
hagarenai te no hira no ato
chigireta tsubasa de
akaku somaru kumoma wo saite
jouzu ni habataku
watashi wo mitsumete

Burned on Burned on
The inerasable scars left by the palms of my hands
Sever a rift in the red-stained clouds with my torn wings
See, I can flutter better than you thought

If you've been taken off my list Please take me off too-

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